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TREE CARE (insect and disease control, root treatments, products,methods and pictures)

Root development and soil enhancement for turf, trees, row crops, specialty crops, and greenhouse crops. 

POND CARE ( products and  methods of treatment)

ATHLETIC FIELDS ( Products, methods, services, pictures)

 PSP provides effective solutions for both ( commercial and homeowner customers),in Tree Care, Turf, Horticulture, Pond Care, Specialty Ag, and Athletic Fields.

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PSP Enterprises represents various products that are divided into the different categories of :

  • The newest technology in Tree Care products for homeowner and commercial users:                                                                                                                                                       
  • ( PENTRA-BARK  ) bark penetrating surfactant used with insecticides and fungicides for insect control: Emerald Ash Borer, aphids, scales, mites and                                                        
  • disease control: Sudden Oak Death, Phytophthora canker, apple scab, anthracnose and other diseases,                                                                                                                                       
  • nutrient deficiencies: from Quest Products ( Main Event Fe and/or Mn)   
  • root development: Plant Health Care products for improving soil and roots,                           
  • water management: Hydretain to make water last longer and wetting agents,                         
  •  transplanting: Plant Health Care Products for better seedling and new plant development,   
  • a growth retardant: CUTDOWN to keep trees from becoming a nuisance, and                                          
  • fruit eliminators: to help prevent unwanted fruit on trees.
  • Turf, Ornamnetal, and Specialty Ag (TONS) - has products designated as Turf (T), Greenhouse Ornamentals (O), and Nursery (N) and Specialty Ag (S).
  • Athletic Fields - has products for the actual fields (soil stabilizers, drying agents, mound clays, home plate and warning track materilas, topdressings, fertilizers, etc.), construction services available, and some products that are used in other areas of athletics.

Several products may appear in different categories because of their broad label and different uses.


Turf, Ornamentals, Nursery, and Specialty Ag


1. Agri-Fos systemic fungicide controls Pythium, Phytophthora, Downy Mildew, Apple Scab, Fire Blight (T.O.N.S.)

Systemic Eradicant for fungi and bacteria on ornamentals, deactivates and cleans up algae, fungi, bacteria and viruses in food storage and propagation areas. (O,N,S).
3. Kestral systemic fungicide -substitute for Banner Maxx and Propiconazole -  Apple Scab, Anthracnose and Oak Wilt (T.O.N)
4. T-Bird 4.5L and 85 WDG -  substitute for 3336, Fungo, Systec 1998 and thiophanate methyl - good for leaf spots, patch diseases, root rots (T.O.N)


1. LUCID  - substitute for AVID and abamectin - excellent on adult mites (O.N)
2. TetraSan - miticide for eggs and nymphs
3. AVATAR - Substitue for Orthene and Acephate - Broad spectrum insecticide control (T.O.N.S)
4. FIREBIRD GC, LCO, and N - substitue for Talstar - broad spectrum insect control(T.O.N)
5. HAWK 2L or 75 WSP systemic insecticide- substitute for Merit and other imidacloprids - excellent systemic insecticide.(T.O.N)


1. YUCCAH Liquid Concentrate -
liquid Yuccah Plant Extract blended with a Horticultural Non-Phytotoxic Surfactant, blended for soil injection and drench - excellent when rebuilding the soil microbes to enhance the soil environment. (T.O.N.S)
2. PENTRA-BARK strong penetrating surfactant - helps pesticides penetrate into the target plant for long lasting better control (T.O.N.S)
- surfactant, penetrant, acidifier, droplet size and deposition control, excellent for use in alkaline water to spread, cover, and penetrate the target plant.(T.O.N.S)

4. Hydretain from Ecologel - - Root Zone Moisture Manager, makes moisture last 50% longer and more available to the plant (T.O.N.S)

Stress treatments

( 0-30-30 ) phosphite technology for plants undergoing stress (T.O.N.S)